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Jewelry Collections


Colore | SG

Award winning line of colorful jewelry. SS, 18k, genuine color gemstones featuring fantasy cuts.
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Valina Bridal

“The Look of Love” design that never ages – designed to last. Look Closer! See the individual signature diamond on the left out side of each shank. When the wedding ring is added to the engagement ring, the two line up perfectly, and the stylish European shank ensures the two always stay together.
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Rainbow Sapphire Collection

We only sell 100% natural earth mined sapphires. All of the rainbow sapphires are purchased from ethically mined areas and the profits from the stones purchased go directly back into community projects at the source.
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Estate Piece of the Month

A stunning 3.06 carat Briolette cut White Diamond pendant necklace in a platinum setting, complimented by a platinum twist chain.  Circa 1890. The price of this gorgeous necklace …
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Baby Feet

Available in sterling silver and 14K, each charm may be personalized with birthstone, charms are also engravable. Necklace and bracelets.
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Puppy Paws

Perfect for dog lovers we carry the Paws line by Baby Feet offered as a necklace or bracelet. Available in sterling silver and 14k, with diamond.
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Crown Ring

Innovative and modern wedding band designer includes bold, alternative metals for the groom to compliment the latest in bridal engagement sets for the bride.
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John Christian Collection

John takes special pride in his collection paying close attention to special details in EACH ONE OF A KIND PIECE. John selects diamonds from inventory he has cut and polished. Color gemstones are acquired for their unique cuts, qualities and rarity. The diamonds and gemstones are the inspiration, whether to become a ring, pendant, or earrings. Schedule an appointment to meet with John today for that new special piece, or makeover.
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Unique Settings

Unique Settings partners with Denver Diamonds & Jewelry offering, both classic and modern designs to help clients choose their perfect rings. Unique Settings is proud to manufacture everything in the United States, using environmentally – friendly metals and conflict free stones. Hand engraving, colored diamonds, and choice of metal are available options.
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We carry Colore|SG, Crown Ring, Valina Bridal, Rainbow, Unique Settings and more.
Your source for quality custom jewelry including diamond rings, engagement wedding sets & bands.
We showcase Estate & Vintage pieces, and buy jewelry and diamonds.
We also carry emeralds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and many other jewels.

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