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Learn about different types of Gemstones.


Attracts and focuses energy. Greatly increases body’s energy field. User should already be in good mental health and physical health.


Low intensity energy stone. Heals affairs of the heart, despair, sorrow, desolation, and broken heart.


High vibration energy stone, spiritual high minded. Healing for some. Counters negativity. Helps one look toward a brighter day. Beneficial stone too many.


Energy stone, high vibration. Stone of spiritual seekers. Can raise energy from material to spiritual levels. Effects 5th chakra. Best color clear blue.


Earth stone, grounding. Keeps one’s feet on the ground. Can help those tending toward schizophrenia.


Earth stone, grounding, can help one with trouble thinking thing through. Can help cases of sexual dysfunction


Energy stone, can lift personality from depression to joy. Counter negativity. Not be too used by those with severe heart conditions, liver problems or toxemia.

Cat Eye Chrysoberyl

Energy stone. Heightens physic awareness. Aids in controlling others. Good if used properly.


Earth stone with refined vibration. Balancing. Can put some acutely in touch with nature. Healing soothing


Conductor of energy through the body. Useful for energy blocks or distortions. Does not have spiritual qualities


A material from nature with pure vibration clears negativity and anger coming from outside oneself. Red dispels negativity and anger.


Energy stone. Possessive vibration. Can help prostate problems and degenerative diseases of old age.


Energy stone. High vibration. Can heal & cleanse aura. Can be great aid to healers. Balancing for chakras. Stone of the heart chakra


Energy Stone: Used to accumulate power and possessions. Green Garnets more like tourmaline.


Positive energy structure of highest vibration. Attracts physical & spiritual energy.


Energy stone. High Vibration. Can greatly aid spiritual growth once body is cleaned to toxins. In tune with vibration of the pituitary gland


High vibration energy stone. Useful to spiritual seekers. Especially useful to one feeling trapped, searching for answers. Raises vibrations.

Jade (Jadite)

High Vibration earth stone. “The wisdom stone.” Stone of ages & seers. Calming, soothing. Can clarify mental processes.

Jade (Nephrite)

Pure vibration earth stone. Calming soothing, mentally clarifying. Heal certain internal toxic conditions. Gives feeling of rootedness and solid relationship to the world.

Lapis Lazuli

High Vibration earth stone. Emanates powerful spiritual while grounding.


Healing earth stone. Grounding, balancing. Favorable for those with schizophrenic tendencies. Strengthens blood.


Energy stone. Radiates love and compassion. Can aid those attached to one who does not reciprocate. Love is gentle and kind to he who respects it; fire and danger to one who flaunts it


High vibration energy stone. Attracts energy like a magnet attracts iron. Promotes energy and leadership. Not for nervous people.


Living matter. Symbolizes & emanates purity and clarity.


Energy stone. Medium vibration. When very clear and fine can balance energy centers & radiate harmony.


Metal of highest vibration. Energy conductor. Raise vibration from physical to spiritual. Beneficial to most people.


Highly charged energy stone. Develops sense of power and gives possessor the means to it. Benefits those who need power to do their job properly. Rulers


High energy stone. Clear blue variety radiates high spiritual vibrations. This pure piercing vibration stimulates highest energy centers.


This physical energy conductor benefits many but not all. Does not have the high vibrations of gold.

Tiger eye

An energy stone used by psychics to enhance clairvoyance. More earthy then most gems. If used for general good and beneficial while grounding.


High vibration energy stone. Lifting, purifying. Yellow variety will not benefit person with diseases or toxic conditions. Clear blue topaz stimulates man’s highest ideals.

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